CALIBRATION - ACal Technologies


We provide highly qualified and experienced engineers and technicians who install, calibrate and maintain instrumentation in the following environments:

• Industrial
• Pharmaceutical
• Aerospace
• R&D

We employ the highest accuracy standards equipment available which allows us to maintain some of the best measurement uncertainty ratios available. All our standards are UKAS accredited and are all stored and transported in purpose built Peli Foam ‘Flight Cases’.

We can offer calibrations for the following:

• Temperature
• Humidity
• Pressure
• Flow
• Conductivity
• pH

All calibrations are entered on our calibration software ‘Beamex CMX’. CMX meets ISO and FDA regulatory requirements and provides traceable and auditable calibration reports. The CMX database is stored on our in-house server which adopts a high level of security and encryption. Our server complies with our stringent backup policy which includes, off-site data backup storage and Disaster Recovery. We pride ourselves on our IT structure and are confident that our policies ensure that all our client data is safe, secure and readily available upon request.



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